We are covering Latin America and the Caribbean


We are in Colombia’s biggest supermarket chains and restaurants, in as well as the most important healthy and organic food stores in the country.

Our products can be found in Carulla, Jumbo and Éxito supermarkets nationwide... And we're also in Archie's Trattoria.


We are in four supermarket chains in Neruda’s homeland, and still looking forward to opening new channels.

Our products are sold in Jumbo, LíderWalmart y Tottus.


You can get our gluten free pasta within the range of the peruvian capital, especially in two of the largest supermarket chains in the country: Vivanda and Plaza Vea.

We look forward to expand our presence to other regions of Perú.


Our gluten-free pasta is available in all over Ecuador distributed by Supermaxi, the biggest retailer in the country. Still, we are aiming to expand our presence in other businesses around the nation.


We are also in Mexico City at Foodfriend, a store devoted to healthy nutrition in Colonia Juarez.


You can get our gluten free pasta in Panama City, through the Riba Smith supermarket chain.