Socially responsible

Niños de la Fundación de Apoyo Solidario de El Retiro (Fasor)

We are conscious on the responsibility we have towards our employees, customers, suppliers, consumers, authorities, shareholders, partners, neighboring communities and the environment. We believe in the power that we, as a society, have to leverage rescue efforts and improve our surroundings, both ecologically and socially.

We care about the environment, through internally-held campaigns promoting rational use of water, energy saving and a recycling culture within the company. We manage a policy of waste disposal under strict hygiene standards and sanitary security.

We are a socially responsible company that believes in solidarity and participation as core values for the backing of ideas involving community transformation and social improvement.

Through our links with community stakeholders, we have given philanthropic support to schools, nonprofit organizations and sports associations whose missions we believe are essential to the development of our region and its people. Among them, we have made significant food contributions to the following initiatives:

We monitor the use and destination of our donations, and carefully evaluate each opportunity we have to contribute to charities in line with what we believe: access to food, public welfare and sports.

We also believe in standard of living and opening opportunities for our staff. We generate jobs that allow our employees to keep learning outside their work area, permitting a good balance between work and personal life.

In addition, we encourage the practice of good corporate governance within our company, which allows us to keep our shareholders updated, by ensuring full transparency in decisions and resources used while supporting the work of individual suppliers and producers of non-GMO crops, to whom we buy appropiate raw material and ingredients in accordance with sanitary regulations and our responsibility towards consumers and their health.