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Atletas profesionales bajo dietas gluten-free

Our passion for sports is not by chance. We believe in healthy, balanced and high-quality nutrition because we know what it means for people on its daily routine, much more for those on heavy labor activities, athletes or anyone who starts a physical training. We strive to always stay updated with the latest topics in human nutrition, and also keep testing other nutritional combinations in our quest to help improve fitness and sports performance.

The gluten-free diet, rather than being a trend, is a concept that has transcended the boundaries of food allergies getting to the world of sports. In the ongoing studies over gluten consumption on people’s health and human nutrition, the historical presence of this protein in many food industry products has led to interesting assessments on autoimmune diseases rates of prevalence and incidence (whether by excessive gluten intake or genetic predisposition to it), in as well as curious findings related to symptoms affecting the performance of apparently healthy individuals without any pathology, such as athletes.

In this regard, stories on sports celebrities have become widely spread on matters such as their food alergies, including switching to gluten-free diets for better physical performance. By modifying their eating habits, sportsmen from all over the world have talked about the experience, whether by incurring into fully non-gluten regimes or with strict moderation of this protein, including:

These are just a few examples of a broad spectrum of professional athletes who, despite their celiac sprue, gluten sensitivity, food allergies and other related diseases, decided to switch to gluten-free regimes either after discovering their affections, or seeing the benefits this system provides them in their athletic performance and personal lives.

However, it is important to first evaluate with both nutritionists and sport doctors the convenience of a gluten-free diet when increasing resistance or stamina in sports is a goal. As always, a good combination of balanced diet and disciplined sport activity are fundamental in the level of success anyone may aspire.

El Dorado Pasta, as a brand committed to sports, is constantly aiming at offering products for healthy nutrition and fast energy recovery, features which, regardless of the purpose, help people fulfill their desire to look (or feel) better and improve athletic performance as well.