And what do we do?

Colombia's first company specialized in Gluten-Free foods

Pasta El Dorado is a pioneering brand, established in Colombia in 2011, which started with the identification of a lack of alternatives, on national scale, of gluten-free products for people with celiac disease, gluten intolerance and other conditions related to the consumption of this protein in the colombian market.

With experience in the area, and sensitivity to the issue of food allergies and its overall impact, Alimentos El Dorado SAS is the company behind of El Dorado Pasta, a premium product crafted under strict quality parameters, sanitary monitoring, and adherence to the Italian tradition of pastificio.

Our objectives:

  • Producing the best gluten-free pasta in the country
  • Covering the absence of gluten-free products
  • No wheat, oats, barley or rye processing
  • Researching and fulfilling nutritional needs

We are a company with international background in the gluten-free market, with certified path, strong knowledge and genuine interest in the topics of food sensitivities and human nutrition.

Do you want to know more about us?

Between tradition and innovation
We believe in Colombia

We believe in Colombia, in our people and in the proper use of natural resources. We strive to comply with national regulations, make our processes have minimal environmental impact and create social welfare.

Human resource

We are a team working with determination and faith in what we do, implementing strict industrial security measures for the safety of our staff. Experience, innovation, responsibility, inspiration, creativity and motivation encourage us to offer the best product.

Technology and Tradition

Rescuing the artisanal tradition of pastaio with italian technology. We develop our own formulas and recipes, we study all possible alternatives but never use chemical additives ... Gourmet pasta and health in the same dish.

Our factory

Our products are manufactured in a plant exclusively devoted to processing gluten-free flours. This helps us avoid the risk of cross contamination and take care of our consumers’ health. We do not process ingredients from transgenic crops.