Committed to your health

We only use non-GMO ingredients because we respect your health. The cereals we process are exclusively of certified-nontransgenic crop origin.

What is GMO?

GMO is the acronym used to identify a "genetically modified organism": one whose genetic material has been altered through biotechnology to subtract or enhance some of its features.

Also known as "transgenic", it is a body set up with advanced techniques of artificial selection by inserting genes or DNA of different species, in a crossing which by natural means would never be posible.

Why do we prefer non genetically modified ingredients (GMO-Free)?

In spite of the great achievements made in the field of agriculture with the intervention of genetic engineering in the past decades, many controversies still remain on the consequences of genetically modified food consumption over human health.

Apart from those studies establishing a link between some of the current epidemics and the intake of these foods, there yet prevail debates, on ethical grounds, involving the use of biotechnologies at the expense of the consumers’ right in knowing what they eat and its provenance, in as well as the economic and societal implications the use of GMO seeds (and groceries) bring to global wide productive apparatuses, the work of farmers and public health in general.

In Pasta El Dorado we respect our consumers’ health by rather using native ingredients in our manufacturing, making sure they are of non-GMO certification.